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About About

Who We Are

C4DLab is a prototyping and innovative startup incubation lab at the School of Computing and Informatics, University of Nairobi. This lab was founded in 2013, as the first phase of a bigger complex CC4D (Center of Computing for Development) to be built at the school. The lab works with the entire university community, with a reach to a community of more than 70,000 people, including faculty, students, staff and alumni.


To generate and share knowledge, and produce innovative technological solutions that address societal problems by nurturing and mentoring a community of researchers, undertaking cutting-edge research, and forging partnerships.


To be the dynamic hub of innovation to solve societal challenges using technology.


Our Flagship Activities

Startup incubation and acceleration

Startup incubation and acceleration Incubation is a process of supporting successful development of startup companies through provision of resources and services, which the startup companies do not have. At C4DLab we take startups which are multi-disciplinary but have a computing element. And with initiatives like the TUMI Startup Accelerator, startups are equipped and trained in the ways of taking their businesses to the next stage.

Research and product development

C4Dlab has established several partnerships with government, private sector and multinationals to promote data driven policy making through research. With funding from various organizations and utilizing capacity at the University, C4DLab has championed development of policy and strategy documents founded on rigorous research. Get unlimited access to multidisciplinary research riding on the huge network of faculty at the University of Nairobi and partnering institutions.

Innovation ecosystem development

C4DLab runs numerous events in form of seminars, bootcamps, workshops, etc geared towards building the capacity for the university community to easily innovate. It is the home to the Nairobi Innovation Week, an annual event that celebrates local and international innovations while enhancing key aspects of the local innovation ecosystem. In addition through Nairobi Design Thinking School (NDTS) C4DLab offers practical causes in Human Centered Design and Multi Disciplinary Problem Based Learning.

Core Values Values

What Guides Us

Academic excellence & mentorship

We shall strive to achieve academic excellence and be mentors to upcoming researchers.


In all our actions and interactions, we shall be people of integrity, maintaining ethical behaviour and exhibiting professional etiquette.

Team Work

In all our actions and interactions, we shall be people of integrity, maintaining ethical behaviour and exhibiting professional etiquette.

Societal focus

In all our research, we shall be guided by a focus on societal needs.

Innovativeness and creativity

Innovativeness and creativity shall be the hallmark of our research activities.

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